Artist Statement

Struggle forms and challenges the self. It may temporarily debilitate but eventually it enriches the soul. My figurative ceramic work explores this psychological and spiritual journey.

My realistic life-size nudes confront and engage the viewer on a reciprocal level. My smaller scale pieces allow the viewer an intimate look at the figure’s inner world. Stressful surroundings, confusion with relationships, and our desire to find contentment and fulfillment are explored in each sculpture. Through mixed media I layer materials and imagery to stress the complexity of the psyche and the world in which it exists. The imagery alludes to an awakening of the true, vibrant self that has previously been restrained and unexplored. Other image choices metaphorically represent problematic relationships and repressed childhood issues that color the perception of the adult.

In my newest work I utilize contorted poses and hair to evoke a feeling of self bondage. These figures have knowingly put themselves in compromising positions. The gesture of each figure reflects its inner turmoil and frustration but, in some cases, the will to persevere. There is a dichotomy between the strong, vibrant inner soul and the fearful outer personality. The figures are in various stages of accepting or denying their own freedom and self-discovery. One is filled with indeterminable strength and simultaneously, vulnerability. This vulnerability is what makes us human.